A headshot of Parul Pandya. She is wearing green glasses that are square and smiling.


I have a passion for arts and social change. Community Impact was founded in 2014 when I started receiving interest in collaboration from various folks I had worked with or served.

Founder and community consultant, Parul Pandya has been skillfully working in non-profit in various roles through the past decade, including as a community builder, consultant, programmer and producer. After managing in community granting for the largest government funder in Canada, she received much interest for continued collective impact by being asked to serve organizations in a variety of capacities. 

Her attraction to advocacy emerged with her work as a Queer South Asian freelance writer/poet, over two decades ago.  She has a deep passion for ethics and social justice, which she teaches at Centennial College.


Her approach to exchange is a high-engagement approach, encouraging participation through self-reflection, empathy, creativity and common understanding. Parul has a deep appreciation for plants, playing plant mom to over 80 in her urban jungle. She also loves watching the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays, as well as a lot of true crime.


I have gained invaluable knowledge about community engagement, equity, and the vast number of resources that exist within Toronto.

Sienna Pandya-James is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto, studying History. She joined Community Impact as a Community Researcher in the summer of 2020. Since then, she has assisted in numerous workshops and continued to create community resources that are shared with our learners. 


She believes that her experience as a person of both South Asian and Black cultural heritage offers her a unique perspective. In her experience navigating academic spaces, she has come to realize how essential representation and diversity are for young people that look like her. In her spare time, she can be found writing about intelligence history, or possibly doing a face mask.


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I am an award-winning writer and community engaged artist with 10+ years experience working as an educator and consultant in the arts and culture sector in Toronto.

Lishai has worked with various institutions and community serving organizations, supporting them to think through matters of access, representation, and equity in the arts. Lishai’s work approach is fuelled by a recognition that people know what is best for their communities and any work that is carried out, programming or advocacy, must be deeply rooted in local contexts. Currently, she is raising a human, writing a book and dreaming about vaccinations and vacations.

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I am passionate about bringing images and words to life to tell compelling stories that need to be heard.

Sabrina is a Communications Specialist who has two years of experience working with communities, non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, and government agencies. She currently works for The Firelight Group, an Indigenous-owned research consultancy that works with Indigenous communities across Canada and beyond. There, she manages Firelight’s social media, graphic design, and coordinates with Indigenous communities to plan social media campaigns.

Sabrina graduated from York University with an Honours BA in Communication Studies, Summa Cum Laude, where she also completed a minor in Gender & Women’s Studies. During her undergrad, Sabrina’s experiences coming out as Queer, and being diagnosed with a mental illness, deeply impacted her world-view. She is deeply reflective, inquisitive and is constantly trying to expand her understanding of the world. She seeks out work that is meaningful, engaging, and impactful in communities. 

In her spare time, you can often find Sabrina watching the Golden Girls in her slippers, playing Animal Crossing, watching video essays (nerd alert!) and eating sushi.

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