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I am an educator, artist, and community facilitator with over 7 years of experience in Community Education and Engagement.


Annalisa holds an MEd in Adult Education & Community Development from OISE, University of Toronto and an Hons BA in Philosophy from York University.


She joined Community Impact as a Community Consultant in early 2022Annalissa is passionate about the transformative power of creativity to ignite and nurture leadership, healing, and social change. Through her work and studies, she has cultivated a strong foundation in creative pedagogy, critical education and anti-oppression to empower diverse individuals and communities.


She currently works with Voice of Purpose as a Digital Content Manager supporting social media development, and community management and engagement. She is also the co-founder of ‘Healing While Healing’ - a women’s support network aimed at co-navigating womanhood, feminism and healing.


When she’s not working, Annalissa enjoys walking her dog, watching competition shows, and creating digital collages and poetry.

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