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A headshot of Parul Pandya. She is wearing green glasses that are square and smiling.


I have a passion for arts and social change. Community Impact was founded in 2014 when I started receiving requests to collaborate from the various cohorts that I had worked with or served over the years.

Founder and Community Consultant, Parul Pandya has been skillfully working in non-profit in various roles through the past two decades - as a community builder, consultant, programmer and producer.  After managing community grants for the largest government funder in Canada, she was sought after by organizations to continue her work on collective impact and for the last decade, she has ardently served these organizations in a variety of capacities.

Initially, Parul’s attraction to advocacy emerged through her work as a Queer South Asian freelance writer/poet, over two decades ago. This experience has fueled a deep passion for social justice and its intersectionality with the arts, which she teaches about at both, Centennial College and Humber College.


Her approach to exchange is a high engagement, encouraging participation through self-reflection, empathy, creativity and common understanding. On the personal side, Parul has a deep appreciation for plants, playing plant mom to over 80 in her urban jungle. In her downtime, she enjoys listening to all types of music, spending time attending or watching Toronto Raptors and Blue Jays games. In between all of this, she likes to mix in some true crime!

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