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Tanya Piazza-Hughes, Sr. Human Resources Manager,

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Parul and her team delivered the Understanding & Applying Anti-Oppression training to our workplace. From the beginning, Parul was collaborative and flexible.  She was curious, attentive, and committed to delivering a quality learning opportunity for our people. There was a sensitivity and kindness that permeated in their teaching without diluting or diminishing the magnitude of the difficult subject we were addressing.  It was brilliant. 


It was an honour and pleasure to work with everyone on the Community Impact team.  Their dedication, passion, and insight into such an important subject matter shines through and inspires us to educate, disrupt, and unlearn.  I look forward to continue working with Parul and her team as we move towards making this world welcoming for everyone.

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Lara Johnson
Assistant to the Executive Producers, Kim's Convenience Season 5

It is with great fortune that I was introduced to Parul Pandya of Community Impact when looking for a speaker for an Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination seminar held before shooting season 5 of Kim’s Convenience. Parul was a dream to work with from the start. She was flexible in creating a presentation that expertly gave us plenty of valuable knowledge but also managed to fit into our tight film/prep schedule. Moreover, as a presenter she was well prepared, calm, knowledgeable and affable throughout. Her open and engaging energy worked so well with our cast and crew that she has since been invited back for subsequent follow up sessions and seminars.

I am grateful for the time spent learning from Parul thus far and look forward to continuing our work together on future projects.

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StreetARToronto Team

Since 2017 StART has worked closely with Parul Pandya at Community Impact Consulting to deliver a series of mental health & wellness workshops and public engagement sessions with the StreetARToronto (StART) community. Not only were the workshops both fun and meaningful to the participants, Parul's direct feedback for improving our health and wellness strategies within our programs was invaluable.  Parul placed the upmost care and attention on the work she has facilitated with StART and as a result we hold a high level of trust and comfort in her ability to be an effective community facilitator. Parul's unique facilitating style resonates with StART's core values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We look forward to future collaborations with Parul and Community Impact Consulting to further develop our positive outreach and engagement with communities in Toronto.

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Lila Karim
Former Executive Director, North York Arts

I have collaborated with Parul over the last two years on several community arts workshops, events and training programs. She is an amazing arts professional, facilitator and cultural leader whose work has impressed hundreds of artists, cultural workers and community members in Toronto. She is a highly motivated individual whose creativity, energy and vision help achieves the results required for any project. And as a result, North York Arts has developed a number of legacy initiatives with Parul's guidance, leadership and support. It's a true pleasure working with Parul and I look forward to our next collaboration!

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Duha Elmardi

Education & Engagement Coordinator,
Sustainable Concordia

Working with Community Impact felt very smooth and stress free as they were very responsive and meticulous in the process. The anti-oppression training Parul & Sienna facilitated was led through an experienced first lens that allowed for a really accessible & participative learning space. We were very lucky to have Parul and Sienna lead this discussion on very complicated & sensitive material because they were able to do so in a really informative and humble way. We absolutely loved working and building a relationship with them and look forward for more trainings in the future. 

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Stephanie Draker

 Program Manager, WorkinCulture

Parul is an innovative, highly skilled, and thoughtful arts leader working at the intersections of the arts, social justice, and community development. It has been such a privilege to work with her to develop and deliver truly engaging workshops and professional development initiatives focused on supporting cultural workers in their ability to address challenges and opportunities within the areas of equity, community engagement, and leadership in the arts and culture sector. Parul’s deep connection to the non-profit arts ecosystem allows her to speak genuinely and authentically to topics that are relevant, and the care and attention she brings to working with partners is second-to-none! The WorkInCulture team looks forward to our next opportunity to work with Parul and the Community Impact team.

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Ashley Watson

Former Executive Director, Lakeshore Arts

Lakeshore Arts worked with Parul who facilitated Anti-oppression training to our board and staff. Parul was amazing to work with from start to finish. Her workshops were thoughtful, supportive and not only educational but gave people ways to action their learning (through land acknowledgements, working with community members, etc). We had people with varied knowledge levels participating in these workshops and she managed to connect with everyone and meet them where they were at and also facilitated difficult and uncomfortable conversations. Parul's depth of knowledge about the Toronto community arts sector and the plethora of examples to draw from is immense and really helped when people have questions during the workshop. She also provided resources with the workshop which meant that people had resources to continue learning and tools that they could use in order to action their learning. Parul also brought a deep empathy to their facilitation - she is someone who I will always want to work with because of the knowledge, honesty and care she brings to what she does. 

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Neilson Park Creative Centre

We recognized the value of aligning diversity and inclusion with organizational goals and welcomed the opportunity to identify improvement opportunities. On our journey to greater understanding and developing the tools for our leadership, staff and members, we felt it was key for our organization to enlist the guidance of a facilitator who made it feel both safe and engaging, and Parul Pandya of Community Impact skillfully provided that. The workshops we undertook covered quite a bit of information but were delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb and encouraged individual feedback from participants. Parul made an effort to learn about our organization and brought to our discussions a high level of knowledge and genuine willingness to meet our identified development needs. This experience was valuable for our organization; we know we must continue to learn and look forward to moving the issues of diversity and inclusion forward in our organization.

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